We are establishing a not-for-profit organisation to use our knowledge and experience in digital technology and innovation to assist developing communities gain social and economic well-being as we enter the digital era of human development.

Advanced economies around the world are soaring ahead in terms of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, digital-age economic activity, improved education and so on.  However, those communities who are not connected effectively to the digital backbone – either through lack of infrastructure, unaffordable access or limited education – are falling further and further behind.  There is a danger that this digital divide will exacerbate poverty and create a new cycle of hunger, disease and social unrest.

By harnessing the collective experience of technology and innovation professionals, we aim to assist communities to achieve the social and economic benefits that can flow from effective usage of these technologies.

We are developing an overall framework for assisting communities which enables coordination of activities between the multitude of local and international organisations that work across the various key thematic areas such as food and water security, health and sanitation, education, energy security, infrastructure development and maintenance.

We believe that a combination of improved overall coordination, increased visibility of problems & opportunities and pragmatic project assistance with technology and innovation will deliver major benefits to developing communities.

Our focus is to build relationships with local and international organisations and leverage technology developments such as broadband, cloud computing, web services and re-usable software componentry to establish the platforms needed by developing communities…and create the eco-system needed to build local know-how and capacity for ongoing development.

We believe that the digital era we are entering could be the opportunity to eradicate major world-level imbalances and create a future where nations can live peacefully and prosperously in an environment where cultural, political and religious differences are celebrated by all the peoples of the world.

If you would like more information on the Digital Society Foundation or would like to help, please contact us.

Many thanks for your interest.